High Temperature Protection

We utilize our experience and expertise in textiles, coating, and fabrication to customize high-heat solutions.
We have made customized fire and smoke curtains for some of the world’s most prominent theaters and fire containment systems and heat shields for government agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies.
Our engineers and technical experts will work with you on:

Performance Materials
  • Z-Flex® Aluminized Fabrics
  • High Temperature Fabrics
  • Z-Block™ Smoke & Fire Barrier Fabrics
  • High Temperature Tapes
  • Zetex® High Temperature Rope
  • Texturized Glass Yarn & Thread
  • Performance Coatings
  • ZetexPlus® Vermiculite
  • Z-Flex® MLA | Multilayer Aluminization
  • Z-Shield Acrylics
  • Z-Tuff Silicone & PTFE
  • Z-Block™ Fire and Smoke Barriers
  • Fabric Treatments
  • Fire & Smoke Curtains
  • Cargo Fire Containment Covers
  • Battery Fire Containment Products
  • NXP High Temperature Gloves & Mitts
  • NXP Fire Entry & Proximity Suits
  • NXP High Temperature Protective Apparel

For more information please contact our office:

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